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We Make Owning Property Profitable & Enjoyable
Having been in business for over 20 years, we manage thousands of properties. We know the Greater Vancouver Area rental market. As a full-service management firm, we offer tenant placement, credit screening, maintenance, collections, evictions and monthly financial reporting.

Tenant Placement
Placement / Tenant Credit Screening With advertising continually running, we take numerous calls daily to keep units fully rented. We require each potential tenant to complete an application, then follow up to verify their employment, rental history, and credit history. This helps assure that your property will have the best tenant possible.

In order to minimize the owner’s cost, we will perform an initial analysis before we recommend any maintenance services. Also, we have a network of quality independent contractors that offer reasonably priced and prompt service to ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with efficiently. This can save the owner hundreds of dollars per year. That's why CASTLE stands out from all other management companies.

Evictions / Collections
If rents are not paid by the 2nd of the month, we begin the processes necessary to collect rents or evict tenants.

Our company is highly automated. Each month you receive a financial statement showing monies collected and any disbursements that have been made. We can provide numerous reports including tenant rental histories, property rental histories, tax information to your accountant, and a host of other reports with the touch of a button.


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